We have read articles (all articles are attached)  this semester that discuss th

We have read articles (all articles are attached)  this semester that discuss the educational system in America.Prompt:Think about what it will take for America to truly provide equal and equitable education for all students. You may choose to investigate elementary school, middle school, high school, or college and any subject or multiple subjects. You can combine ideas and sources from Formal Essays 1 and 2 (both essays are attached)  in this essay, so you’ve already written part of your research essay!For this essay, you should do the following:-In your introduction, provide some background information to familiarize readers with the issue.-Identify your main claim (thesis statement) about the issue.-Develop ideas/reasons to convince your readers of your thesis.-Support your various ideas/reasons with properly integrated quotes from reading and from outside sources. Remember to have one quote (but no more than two) per paragraph. You may include a personal example, but only in one paragraph.-Cite at least six sources. Only one of your sources can come from any of the readings we have discussed in class. Three of your sources must come from scholarly sources. Two of your sources must come from reliable popular sources. Remember to use the library databases to find outside sources.-Once you gather your sources, you will submit an annotated bibliography ( This one is due on November 24, I can pay separate if done). Please see the annotated bibliography assignment for a description of what this entails.Explain and refute some objections to your argument (the counterargument).In your conclusion, reiterate the importance of your claim.The essay should be at least 6 pages in length, free of grammar mistakes, and written in proper essay format. You must also have a Works Cited page for this essay; this page does not count toward the 6-page requirement.