Week 2 Creative Writing Assignment: This week’s creative assignment is “Who is t

Week 2 Creative Writing Assignment:This week’s creative assignment is “Who is the speaker?” Pick one of the three poems (“homage to my hips,” “The Woman Thing,” or “Wild nights Wild nights!”) and create a 400-word description of the poem’s speaker. This will require you to use your imagination and develop the character outside of the poem.Assignment Requirements:Your submission must:include a minimum of 400 words, written in paragraph form.be written in the third-person point of view (academic voice).be double spaced. A title page, running head, and abstract are not required.be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment on the submission page (click title above). Assignments not submitted in this way may be returned to you ungraded.There is a no-research policy in place for this class. Using any material other than the assigned readings and lectures, even if it is correctly quoted and cited, will result in a failing grade for this assignment. Contact your instructor if you have questions about this policy.Complete all of the following assigned readings.Emily Dickinson:Biography, Vol. 1 pp. 1246-50 and Poem 269, “Wild nights Wild nights!”, Vol 1 p. 1254 (poetry)Kate Chopin:Biography, Vol. 2, pp. 441-442 and “Désirée’s Baby,” Vol. 2 pp. 442-446 (fiction)Susan Glaspell:Biography, Vol. 2 pp. 750-751 and Trifles, Vol. 2 pp. 751-761 (drama)Performance of Trifles, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1LGwPFeSz8Audre Lorde:Biography, Vol. 2 pp. 1490-1491 and “That Woman Thing,” pp. 1492-1493 (poetry)Lucille Clifton:Biography, Vol. 2 pp. 1494-1495 and “homage to my hips,” Vol. 2 p. 1496 (poetry)Video of Clifton reading “homage to my hips,” https://vimeo.com/36987057Other required readings:Justin Torres:In Praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club, https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/in-praise-of-latin-night-at-the-queer-club/2016/06/13/e841867e-317b-11e6-95c0-2a6873031302_story.html (non fiction)Maia Kobabe:Gender Queer: A Memoir,https://redgoldsparkspress.com/projects/6926504 (nonfiction)