Week 3: Scholarly Sources for Your Informative Speech Our discussion this week b

Week 3: Scholarly Sources for Your Informative SpeechOur discussion this week brings us to the next step in preparation for your upcoming Informative Speech in Week 5 and Persuasive Speech in Week 7. In collaboration with your instructor and peers, you will be locating scholarly sources of information that you can use to support your Informative Speech topic and cite within your speech preparation outline. Be sure to read this week’s lesson about supporting your presentation with research.Directions: Share two sources from the DeVry Library or other scholarly source and write one or two sentences explaining the relevance of each source to support the topic you will be presenting in your Informative Speech.In your post, write the Reference for each source in APA 7th edition format as shown in this example:Bavelier, D., Green, C. S., Han, D. H., Renshaw, P. F., Merzenich, M. M., & Gentile, D. A. (2011). Brains on video games. Nature reviews. Neuroscience, 12(12), 763-768. http://dx.doi.org.devry.idm.oclc.org/10.1038/nrn3135If you are having any challenges locating scholarly sources for your Informative Speech topic, describe what support you need from your peers and instructor. We will do our best to assist.