WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT PREPARATION: SLIDES 1 AND 2 THE BUSINESS AND THE FAILUREGet a jump start on your second assignment. Go to the course guide and review the requirements for the Principles and Concepts of Marketing assignment due in Week 6.Review the course guide for instructions for the Week 6 assignment to understand the expectations and budget your time accordingly. Be sure to carefully review the grading rubric.Download the following:Week 6 Assignment Sample [PPTX] to see an example of a completed assignment.Week 6 Assignment: Principles and Concepts of Marketing Template [PPTX] to your computer and Save As using the following identifier: LastName_FirstName_Week6_Assignment.Now you’re ready to get started on the first two slides of the assignment.In this assignment, you will create an original analysis and PowerPoint presentation containing a minimum of four slides describing a marketing failure. Choose one of the following brand/product failures: Circuit City, Toys R Us, Amazon Fire Phone, or Google+.For additional help with Slides 1 and 2 of the Week 6 assignment template:Review Chapters 1, 2, 7, and 8 in your textbook.Review Growth Marketing Foundations: Failure and Maintaining a Positive Outlook.Review Brand Leadership: What Does It Take?Slide 1For Slide 1:Decide which of the four business options provided you want to assess in this assignment.Fill in the Required Student items on Slide 1.If you want, you can change the slide theme and color, and add slide transitions and animations (these are not required, but make for a nicer presentation).If you want, you can add pictures or clipart featuring the business logo, business product, and so forth (these are not required, but make for a nicer presentation).Slide 2For Slide 2:Examine the business, use the material provided on your business and then complete an Internet search and read what different marketing analyses have written upon your business and its failures.Determine exactly what you think the business’s primary marketing failure was, using the skills you have learned in this course.Assess why you believe the primary failure happened.Provide at least one full sentence for each different reason.Remember: You are the marketer. Do not copy and paste from the websites you review. Use the culmination of what you have learned in the class and gleaned from your research to create your own assessment.