Week 8 Discussion — Marketing Strategies for a Digitally Networked World No unr

Week 8 Discussion — Marketing Strategies for a Digitally Networked WorldNo unread replies.No replies.Hello, Week 8 Class Discussion topic comes from —Chapter Eleven “Marketing Strategies for a Digitally networked World”In today’s digitally networked world, for most companies, the optimal path to be competitive and successful through the digital maze is far from clear. This class expects you to contribute three times:+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Your contribution one — answer one question only out of six questions below —Question #1 Does every company need a digital or social media strategy?Questioni #2 Do recent technological advances represent threats or opportunities?Quetion #3 What marketing roles can the internet play?Question #4 What marketing roles can the social networking play?Question #5 As director of marketing of a medium-sized Canadian sporting goods manufacturer that produces helmets for use in sports, such as cycling, skiing, hockey, and football, you have been considering using the internet as a marketing tool. Although your helmets are sold in retail stores and to schools and athletic programs across Canada, you believe the company could reach a bigger audience and sell more helmets if the company also sold the product online at the company’s website. What arguments would you use to convince the CEO that online marketing is a good strategy?Quqestion #6 In meeting with the CEO of the helmet manufacturer, you have been asked to outline the possible threats of selling the product online. Explain..You do not need to answer all six (6) questions above:Question 1 needs student X1 to answer it (Question 1 must be listed first)Question 2 needs student X2 to answer it (Question 2 must be listed first)Question 3 needs student X3 to answer it (Question 3 must be listed first)Question 4 needs student X4 to answer it (Question 4 must be listed first)Question 5 needs student X5 to answer it (Question 5 must be listed first)Question 6 needs student X6 to answer it (Question 6 must be listed first)You will earn maximum 2 points from your completed contribution one, if —your answer does not repeat to a same question that has already been answered by a classmate who did his/her work before you get here.if you do not totally agree with a classmate’s contribution one, or you think there are some aspects missed out by that classmate, you could explain why you disagree or why some other aspects should be included in your contribution two.  your answer is relevant to the question you selected to address.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Your contribution two — comment on two (yes two, not one) of your classmates’ postings about his/her contribution one.You will earn maximum 2 points from your completed two comments, if —your each comment starts with a classmate’s name making it clear that his/her contribution one that you would like to critique on or discuss with.your each comment has minimum 50 words.