Week Four Assignment – Critical Paper

Week Four Assignment – Critical Paper Your research paper will involve analyzing a literary text or texts from our selected readings. The key is to address a topic that is of deep interest to you. As such, you may select any topic that is worthy of literary analysis, and is directly relevant to the course. The focus of your paper should be such that any class member would be able to recognize its relevance to the text(s) and/or major themes addressed on our discussion boards. The primary reason for the research paper is to demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge you have acquired of a specific theme in order to develop a working thesis.  Your paper will be more relevant and convincing if you take a clear position, and includes relevant and insightful secondary sources to support your assertions.  You are encouraged not to stay on safe ground and simply repackage the conventional wisdom about one of our authors or topics.  It will be more rewarding, albeit more challenging, to focus on a theme that has received little attention, is controversial, or lends itself to multiple interpretations.Taking into consideration the above information, there are several approaches you may undertake in your research, such as comparing and contrasting more than one text, and/or authors, the development of a theme, plot pattern, aesthetic approach, character type, symbol, image, or recurring conflict.Your primary text(s):  William Bradford   Of Plymouth Plantation  John Winthrop A Model for Christian Charity”In regards to secondary sources, you need to include at least THREE outside sources. These secondary sources could include background research, such as historical, socio-economic information, that directly informs and elucidates your argument. Please follow the MLA format for documentation and mechanics.  Your paper should be approximately 2000 words in length (6-8 pages). Free features N Outline $5 FREE N Revisions $30 FREE N Title Page $5 FREE N Bibliography $15 FREE N Formatting $10 FREE PLACE AN ORDER NOW Why Choose Us? N Satisfied and returning customers N A wide range of services N 6-hour delivery available N Money-back guarantee N 100% privacy guaranteed N Only custom-written papers N Free amendments upon request N Free extras by request N Constant access to your paper’s writer N A professional team of experienced paper writers N 10+ years of experience in the custom writing market MANAGE ORDERS We accept PLACE AN ORDER NOW