Wellness case study about a university student and how he could change his life

Wellness case study about a university student and how he could change his life for the better, with in text citationsAlexis 19 years old and just started their first semester at university.Before enrolling, Alex lived at home with their parents, who took careof Alex’s every need-food, finances, scheduling, etc. Alex didn’tparticularly want to come to university, but it was Alex’s parents dreamfor their child to go to university, so Alex felt they had to. Alexmoved away to come to university and is now living near campus in asmall apartment and is sharing a room with one other roommate. Alex hasnever shared a room or been away from their family before.Alexis taking a year of general studies, but finds classes verychallenging. Alex didn’t get the best marks in high school, but theirmarks were just enough to get in to university. After studying veryhard, Alex just got back their midterm marks and they failed everysingle one. Alex decided not to share this information with theirparents because Alex is worried they will be upset.BecauseAlex is used to living with their parents, Alex has never had a job orhad to pay bills before- until now. At the beginning of the semester,Alex was given $3,000 in student loans. Alex thought this would beenough to last the whole semester without having to get a job. ByOctober, Alex had spent all of the loan and did not have enough to paytheir rent. Alex did not want to get a job and decided to get a creditcard, and took cash out of their credit account to pay their rent. Alexhas been receiving weekly calls from the bank since doing this and hasmaxed out their credit card. Alex does not want their parents to knowthis, or their midterm grades, because Alex doesn’t want them to bedisappointed. This is weighing heavy on Alex because they are close withtheir parents and usually tell them everything.Alexloves the gym. They go anywhere between 6-7 times per week and trackstheir workouts, reps, calories burned, weight and food intake. Alexdoesn’t do any cardio-specific exercises and solely focuses on heavylifting. Alex has previously competed in a body building competition,and wants to maintain and improve their physique, and so they consume amultitude of supplements each day; protein, BCAAs, pre-workout,activated charcoal, creatine and fat burners are all part of the dailyregimen. Alex posts their workouts on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok andthrives off of the interaction. Alex also spends a lot of theirfree-time on social media, and feels great when their gym-related postsget a lot of likes, and worries when they don’t.Alexfrequently does multi-day water and juice cleanses, but when they arenot, consumes 75% of their RDAs in protein, 15% in carbs and 10% infats. Because Alex goes to the gym so often and is always studying, Alexdoes not asleep a lot and relies heavily on energy drinks and caffeinesupplements to get through the day. Alex has a lot of friends from backhome, university and the gym, and often skips out on studying or choresto see their friends.In1000 words, explain how Alex could improve their wellness in each ofthe respective dimensions of wellness. Use direct examples from the casestudy and make explicit connections to the course content.