What Does all this Mean? 1. please review this video and understand the followin

What Does all this Mean?1. please review this video and understand the following terms because you need to describe them in your discussion.1. Metaphor2. Simile3. Metaphor using adjectives4. Metaphor using verbs2. Now that you understand these terms, relate them to “In this Place” the poem below. It is written by our Poet Laurette, Amanda Gorman.In This Place (An American Lyric) by Amanda Gorman Poems | poets.org Here is the discussion assignment:In at least 250 words, please discuss at least three metaphors (like those described in the video) within the poem we read. You will need to tell us why the example you are providing is a metaphor, quote the metaphor, and discuss what it means to you. Discuss three or more metaphorsIn addition, please discuss themes and ideas you noticed in this poem and what feelings or emotions they provided for you.