What need to be done? Three requirements 1.Population Fluency in English/French

What need to be done? Three requirements1.Population Fluency in English/French (inc. whether E/F media is available on local or nationalnews)? (300 words)2.Ethnicity/Religion (inc. how holidays/rituals/traditions create implications for interactions byforeigners in either verbal/nonverbal behavior)(500words)3.Conclusion only for part 2:Appeal/Challenges of doing business, I.e. Pros/cons for Canadian expats in this occupation and country(700 words)Additional information: part 1 is finished, I will upload the doc to let you know what is going on part 1. Your job is to finish the 3 requirements above in part 2.GENERAL EXPECTATIONS FOR BOTH PARTS #1 & #2:• This term project will be submitted in two parts (see further below for format/logistical requirementsapplicable to both parts, and then detailed expectations/rubric associated with each specific part).• This is a research assignment. You will conduct both secondary (library/internet) research ANDprimary research (i.e. interview at least one individual from that culture, and include their contactinformation –name, tel.#, email… in the reference section). For the primary research: Yourinterviewee should be someone who had extensive living/work experience in that country, even if notin the same occupation as your project. For the Secondary Research: Wikipedia is NOT a properreference. If you have any doubt at all as to the legitimacy of any reference material, please consultthe management librarian. Most of your references are expected to be dated within the past 3 years.• You must structure your report according to the sections indicated in the rubric table pertaining tothat part of the report, being mindful to integrate/apply course theory (wherever requested explicitlyand/or pertinent AND using appropriate c/c terminology & course material when doing so). Markswill be deducted for failing to follow the outlined sequence of the rubric or neglecting theory.• Timely Electronic Submission: Projects are expected to be uploaded to the Deliverables portal on ourcourse website, when they are due (see Course Agenda). Late submissions will receive a score ofZERO. Please do not underestimate the time required to complete this assignment EFFECTIVELY. Noextensions will be granted.• Group peer evaluation forms & integrity statements must accompany each of Parts #1 & #2, as eachof these parts of the project will be graded separately. It is up to you whether to embed the form inyour report or not.FORMAT/LOGISTICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR BOTH PARTS #1 & #2 (Marks deducted for failing to comply):• Cover Page: Display the names and student numbers of the authors, and the chosen country• Include page numbers. Do not exceed 10 pages for the body of the report (excludes title page,refs..)Complete Referencing (in APA style, 7th Edition): Do NOT present facts in the body of the projectwithout proper references. If you make ANY factual statement that is obviously taken from a sourceother than your own common knowledge, you need to demonstrate a responsibility to scholarship byincluding a reference in an acceptable format (i.e., Follow the APA Style Publication Manual).