Work must be submitted by uploading an ‘attachment’. Pasting a link to a locatio

Work must be submitted by uploading an ‘attachment’. Pasting a link to a location where work is stored externally is not sufficient to be considered submitted.Please submit your research proposal and ethics documents as one single file. Moreover, do not submit multiple files here, all work must be compiled into a single file for submission to research proposal and ethics documents should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file with a ‘.doc’ extension. Adobe Acrobat files (with a .pdf extension) are an acceptable, but less preferred, option. No other file types are permitted.Late penalties will apply if work is not submitted in proper form (one single Word file) by the due date.1. Title page (1 page)2. Introduction (4 5 pages)A review of published research on the topic, ending with your hypothesis.Broad (but not too broad) to specificWritten in past tense until section on current study, then → future.First paragraph:Introduce topic and its significanceAvoid:DefinitionsFrom the beginning of time…Statements about behaviour without citationsThen discuss relevant past research–> Information from the articlesPurpose, Methods, Results:Present the information that is most important for your purposeFlow and organization of ideas important.Link articles together, organize by ideaASK YOURSELF:How do the articles relate to each other?Did one group study a topic using method A and another group used method B and did both groups find the same thing?Focus on transitions between paragraphsfor your own studyIn the current study…Justifying your studyYou will add to knowledge by …e.g.,Improving methods of past studies.Investigating a new population or setting that has yet to receive attention.Linking variables that have not been explicitly linked in the past but you hypothesize are related.Operationally define your variables in terms of measurement• e.g.,In the current study, memory is defined as the number of words recalled after the 6-sec delay.Consistent with prior research, depressed mood will be defined as a score of moderate to severe on the Beck Depression Inventory.Your hypothesis(es) & prediction(s): very last thing3. Method (will vary)4. Expected Results (~1 page)5. References (~1 page)6. Appendices (if necessary)7. Ethics Documents