Work must be submitted in MLA format: Introduction- 3-4 sentences of who you are

Work must be submitted in MLA format:Introduction- 3-4 sentences of who you are and why you chose this specific world dance or folk danceBody- Answering the questions below from belowConclusion- 3-4 sentences of a summary of what you discussed and discovered(summary)Research either a World Dance, Folk Dance or Social Dance that is of interest to you or perhaps is part of your culture or heritage. Answer the following questions in your essay format in the body of your work.What is the name of the dance?Discuss the history of this dance including timeline and origins.What are some of the steps you observed? Is it a partner dance, group dance, individual dance?Symbolism in movements?Are there formations? If so what kind?What type of music is played?What are the instruments?What if any is the role of the musicians?Costumes for this dance? Colors represent?Why is it danced? Reasons.Is there food associated with the dance?Is there a belief system associated with the dance?What is the purpose of the dance?Have you participated in this dance before?If you have not participated in this dance before, find a youtube video or tutorial and try it out.Summary of your Discovery: Describe your experience. How did you connect? If you did not connect, why do you think that may be? Did you discover anything new about yourself? Has this experience influenced your interest in your heritage? Does it confirm your heritage? What inspired you if anything to pass on to your family history? Explain.For a guide: MLA Essay Format HelpInclude URL as Work Cited