Write a 10 page paper (Excluding tables/charts which should be added at the END

Write a 10 page paper (Excluding tables/charts which should be added at the END of the text; DO NOT embed tables/charts in the text) outlining the overall economic situation St. Lucia, highlighting the major development and environmental challenges it faces. Marks will be allocated for a clear introduction and proper documentation of sources. You can incorporate freely the information you have gathered in the two written exercises you have already done.Here is a suggested outline:I Introduction and Overview (5 pts.)II What are the major development policy initiatives in St. Lucia? In particular, what World Bank (or regional development bank) and/or IMF involvement is there in your country? (10 pts.)III. You were just appointed Minister for the Economy! What are the most important development policy initiatives you would implement and why? (15 pts.)IV. Sources (2 ½ pts.)Please list all sources consulted in the paper in a section. Formal citations are not necessary, so long as sources are clearly documented and can be easily found.V. Appendix Tables and Charts (2 ½ pts.)Please type your responses taking care to format your paper so that it is easy for the grader to read. Submission is online via the “Assignments” section on Canvas.What to be sure to include in Part II: IMF and World Bank Involvement in Your Country1. a. When was the last IMF Article 4 report for St. Lucia? (Go to the IMF’s Home Page and use the search box to find your country’s publications www.imf.org )b. What were the main findings? (See summary when you search for, e.g. Central African Republic Article 4)2. a. What does the WB identify as the major development issues for St. Lucia? (See World Bank website www.worldbank.org; See in particular “Your Country Overview” for your country and ‘Your Country Home”; e.g. Search for “Central African Republic Overview” or “Central African Republic Home”)b. What ranking does St. Lucia have in the WB’s Ease of Doing Business index? (Search for “Your Country Ease of Doing Business” on the WB site). What two or three factors are identified as the worst problems?