Write a 5+ page paper that addresses the following scenario: You are the mayor o

Write a 5+ page paper that addresses the following scenario:You are the mayor of Anytown, USA, which is a medium-sized US city. Several prominent and influential citizens have approached you asking for your support in securing a professional sports franchise to be located in the city. At issue is the fact that Anytown does not have a suitable stadium/facility to house the team. Using what you have learned in the course as well as any outside readings, evaluate the pros and cons of the construction of such a facility in Anytown. Specifically, evaluate and decide your position on the following tradeoffs:Will you seek to create an expansion team or lure an existing team?Should you seek a team first and then build the stadium, or build the stadium and expect the team will come?To what extent would the team enhance the local economy?Should the stadium be publicly funded (taxes) or built with private financing?Finally, what is your position as mayor on the issue?