Write a minimum 1-page paper (250 words) defining something To clarify the abstr

Write a minimum 1-page paper (250 words) defining somethingTo clarify the abstractTo provide personal interpretation of the vague, controversial, or misunderstoodTo explain the new or unusual (slang, dialect, or jargon)To make understandable the unfamiliarTo offer information to a particular audienceTo inform or entertain by presenting a word’s interesting history, uses, or effectsKnow your purpose—to explain, inform, or convince.Give readers a reason to read. Present a new or better interpretation of a term.Keep the audience in mind. Always anticipate readers and present clear explanations.Use enough strategies to clarify the definition. Describe, offer examples, compare or contrast, give synonyms, tell what the term does not mean, present the history, discuss causes or effects, etc.Don’t present an incomplete definition. The subject may be too broad.Don’t begin every definition quoting Webster. Blend standard definitions into discussion.Don’t define vaguely or with generalities. Use specific and vivid details to explain.Don’t offer circular definitions. Don’t just rename the subject (a poet writes poetry).Statements are generalities or opinions without examples to support them.You can use a series of brief examples or a few examples in more detail.One long example is called an extended example.Examples can explain and clarify, adding detail to help explain abstract or difficult concepts.Make sure examples are relevant and support the general statements they illustrate.Choose the strongest and most convincing examples.Use enough examples to make each point clear and persuasive. Be sure to support and explain all major points adequately.