Write a one-page project proposal that details the goals and design of your fina

Write a one-page project proposal that details the goals and design of your final paper or project.What research question (RQ) are you answering?Tell me in a sentence the question you are answering or addressing in your project. This can be related to one of the prompts that have guided your portfolio, but the RQ must be original. Expand upon this sentence in a paragraph.How are your answering/addressing this question? What is your methodology?–through a paper in which you are using research from a particular academic subfield and your own experience as an activist, artist, or participant. Or through a series of interviews of young female Instagram users.or–through a creative project (a screenplay or poems or video/photography or social media storytelling–on Twitter or Instagram, for example) in which you explore ideas and concepts of the course, such as how artwork related to protest movements form an archive that stores information, creating history.What is your hypothesis? What is the argument that you are trying to prove?For example, if part of you project involves interviewing people about their use of Facebook and people’s knowledge of their algorithm, you hypothesize that must users don’t know how FB organizes information and creates hierarchies, reinforcing user’s most extreme views.In other words, provide yourself with your own prompt, and then address the question that you have devised. Regardless of whether your final is a project or paper, discuss the results and conclusion of your final, and then suggest the need for further research or projects related to your work.Include the RQ that you are addressing at the beginning of your paper or project and at the beginning of this Final Proposal. Then have a section on methodology and then finally one on hypothesis. Do not rely upon being spontaneously creative at the last minute. And, make sure it is at least one full page–it can certainly be longer.