Write a short paper on one of the following scientific theories. Discuss 1) the

Write a short paper on one of the following scientific theories. Discuss 1) the problem(s) or gaps in our understanding scientists were trying to address, 2) the hypothesis that was formulated by the scientist, 3) the implications that were drawn, and 4) the test procedures that were used. Lastly, evaluate the hypothesis in terms of adequacy, internal coherence, external consistency, and fruitfulness. -Minimum word count: 750 words (3 pages double spaced) -Paper should be pasted into the text entry box -Be sure to list all sources used at the end of your post (can just be a casual list, APA/MLA formatting not required).You are only required to have inline citations if you are quoting one of the sources. 1. Isaac Newton: corpuscular theory of light 2. Christian Huygens: wave theory of light 3. Johannes Kepler: orbit of Mars 4. Nicolaus Copernicus: theory of the solar system 5. Count von Rumford: theory of heat 6. Charles Darwin: theory of natural selection 7. John Dalton: theory of atoms 8. William Harvey: circulation of the blood 9. Louis Pasteur: theory of vaccination 10. J. J. Thomson: discovery of the electron 11. André Marie Ampère: discovery of the electromagnet 12. Niels Bohr: structure of the atom 13. Alexander Fleming: discovery of penicillin 14. Henri Becquerel: radioactivity of uranium 15. Dmitri Mendeleev and Clemens Winkler: discovery of germanium 16. Amedeo Avogadro: Avogadro’s law 17. Johann Balmer: theory of the spectrograph 18. Alfred Wegener: theory of continental drift 19. James Watson and Francis Crick: structure of the DNA molecule 20. John Bardeen: theory of superconductivity 21. Albert Einstein: theory of Brownian motion 22. Edwin Hubble: recession of the galaxies 23. Jean Baptiste Lamarck: inheritance of acquired characteristics