Write a surfer log for Chapter 14. For these Surfer Log assignments, I will ask

Write a surfer log for Chapter 14.For these Surfer Log assignments, I will ask you to strike out on your own and do a little Internet surfing. When you are assigned a surfer log, I would like you to go to the reading assignment in America: A Narrative History and pick a heading (or topic) from the text, for example, “Plymouth” (on p. 53). Then do an Internet search to find some websites about the topic you have chosen and choose one that looks interesting. If your search does not turn up anything, then select another topic. After exploring the website, answer the following questions:Why did you choose this particular site, i.e., pictures, interesting quotes, etc.?How is the site related to the topic we are currently studying?Describe (in detail) three interesting things you found there and explain why you find them interesting. (Do not just list three things. Discuss them. I want to see what you learned and that you understand what you are reading. Stringing together random facts is not acceptable.)Who is the most interesting person you met (read about) during your search and why? (This should be a detailed response.)What is the most important thing you learned from the website? (Do not include vague ideas such as, “If you persevere, you can achieve anything.” Show that you learned something about your topic.)These essays should include the title and web address of the site at the top of the page.You must use a credible Internet source for this assignment. Sites such as Wikipedia, Boundless.com, Spark Notes, AP Study Notes, Cliff Notes, Quizlet, any encyclopedia website (such as Britannica, etc.), textbook publisher websites, Answers.com, and others like them are not acceptable sources. Find a website that will significantly increase your knowledge of your chosen subject matter (such as .edu and .org websites).Follow the following formatting instructions when completing your assignment:Margins must be 1.”Font must be Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11.Assignment must be double-spaced.Assignment must be at least ¾-1 page.Essays will receive a score from one to ten. Points will be deducted if essays are not free of spelling, grammar, and structural errors and should be written in paragraph form.