Write a three-to-four page visual analysis of ONE of these twocontemporary landscape pictures from 2013:

Visual analysis: A visual analysis or formal analysis is an examination of a work of art that explores the meaning of the work and analyzes how that meaning is conveyed in terms of the works visual components including composition (how the elements of the work are put together), style (the use of color, line, form and shape), media (what materials are used?Why is it made from these materials? How do these materials affect the image?), the subject (here landscape), the size, how does it communicate with the viewer? Your goal is to use visual evidence and your general knowledge of Chinese art to explain what the work might mean.The paper should be more than a detailed description of your object, it should say how choices in scale, composition, color, patterns, shapes, line, movement, sound, etc., create a certain kind of image with particular meanings: use your observations to explain to the reader what you think the work is about. Again: your paper should be more than a descriptionyou should be framing an argument on what the work is about and support that argument with specific observations about the piece.Your paper thus should have a clear thesis and every paragraph of your paper should support that thesis from different angles, i.e. you should have an argument.Your paper should be organized as a logical whole centered on this thesis and argument.Begin by choosing the landscape that intrigues you the most.In this case, these are contemporary landscapes that explore new ideas of Chinese landscape (we will start discussing landscape in week five and six). How does Zheng Chongbin or Yang Yongliang examine or refer to the idea of landscape, and the idea of tradition? To think about these questions, expect to spend some time looking. Take careful, detailed notes about your picture and think about how and why the work inspires a particular