Write an essay of approximately 1250 1500 words (4-5 pages) on the following.

Write an essay of approximately 12501500 words (4-5 pages) on the following. The paper must be double-spaced withone-inch margins on all sides, and must follow all formatting from Turabian,including title page as well as notes and bibliography if you use any outsidesources. The best papers will have a clear, complex, and well thought outthesis, make references to multiple sections of the texts in support of yourthesis, and fully explain and support their arguments. The paper must be submitted to the drop boxon Blackboard in Microsoft Word or Pages format no later than 11:59.59 onSunday, November 14.Write anessay on the different concepts of liberty/freedom in Mill,Rousseau, and Marx. Remember that concepts of freedom involve deeper questionsabout the relation of human nature and society, as well as what it means to bea person (an “individual”). The best essays will develop a thesis that relatesthe concept of freedom to one or more of these fundamental questions. The bestessays will address in detail how these basic assumptions inform the specificconcepts of freedom and liberty.YOU determine how tostructure your essay depending on how you understand the differences betweenthe three theories. I expect the essay to have a clear thesis and organization.For example, your essay can focus on one theorist, analyzing his concept indetail and explaining how the others would react to it. A better possiblestructure for the essay might be to begin with one of the deeper questions –for example, about how each theory understands what is a “person” or“individual,” and the extent and ways an individual is defined and affected bysocial institutions and social forces and then explain how different views offreedom and liberty differ based on these different assumptions. These are onlytwo options. In any case, your essay requires a clear thesis and support fromthe texts we have read in class.