Write an introduction in which you state the topic of the paper, theorists you w

Write an introduction in which you state the topic of the paper, theorists you will discuss, and the objectives of your paper. (1/2 page)Write the section on theories. You will state which theories you are using and summarize the main concepts or propositions of the two theorists/schools, respectively (1-1 1/2 pages)Write a section in which first you describe the contemporary topic you chose to focus. This is where you will incorporate the scholarly sources you reviewed. Present some facts about this phenomonon and justify why we should pay attention to this social fact. Parenthetical citation in APA or ASA style must be used wheneter you borrowed ideas and quotes from sources.Next, discuss how your theories and concepts may be applied to this phenomenon. Try to imagine what position each theory will take on this issue, and summarize what each theory would have to say about the causes, effects, and/or solutions to this issue. Compare and contrast the theories. How are these two theories similar or different in explaining this phenomenon? (2-2.5 page)Conclusion: In your view, which theory better illustrate this issue? Which theoretical position, do the data seem to support? Argue for one theory which you feel is better for understanding this issue. This should be an evaluation based on their theoretical merits (We will discuss what this means in class), and not a simple expression of your personal opinion. (1 page)Reference list should be prepared in APA style, or in ASA style. https://www.wpunj.edu/library/citations.html