write introduction and discussion (Electrophoresis SDS-) introduction: a. Abou

write introduction and discussion (Electrophoresis SDS-)introduction: a. About 1-2 paragraphs b. THE SPECIFIC AIM OF THE EXPERIMENT c. Background information on the experiment d. What to expect in the experiment? e. an introduction that you would give a reader who does not have any background information on what the experiment will entail. f. You may use information from the PDF and other sourcesdiscussion :Summarize the main objective and the main results of this experiment within less than five lines paragraph. Why there is difference in the relative mobility of the studied proteins? Compare the bands of your samples, e.g. number of bands, size, relative mobility, and density of bands of each sample? Give an explanation for the differences and similarity of bands? What is the function of the chemicals that you used in gel preparation? Why you mixed SDS , Glycerol, buffer, and % Bromophenol with the sample buffer? Is that suitable to use tap water instead of Deionized water in this experiment? What is the advantage or disadvantage of this method that you used in this experiment? What is the main difference between SDS-PAGE, and native PAGE, and gPAGE