Write: Professional Outcomes Paper Professional Outcomes Paper Instructions In t

Write: Professional Outcomes PaperProfessional Outcomes Paper InstructionsIn this paper, you will examine the reasons why you have decided to return to school for a bachelor of science (BSN) degree in nursing.Identify how a baccalaureate degree will contribute to attainment of your personal and professional goals.Discuss your short term and long-term goals and the steps you will take to successfully achieve these outcomes.Discuss any barriers to achieving these goals and how you will overcome them.This assignment is to be between 750- 1000 words in length, formatted according to APA style requirements.The paper will include a cover page, and reference page, an opening paragraph, a body, and a conclusion.A minimum of three scholarly references is needed. References must be from texts or scholarly journals. No websites. All references must be less than 5 years old.Upload to your e-portfolio under Outcome #7