Write two paragraphs for seven (7) of the following topics. Please cite sources

Write two paragraphs for seven (7) of the following topics.Please cite sources and provide examples for each answer to support your responses. Edit your responses before submission.1.Describe a good and poor manager. Discuss the differences and provide examples of how their management style impacts the organization.2.What is contingency planning, and why is it important?3.What is the importance of setting objectives?4.Discuss the benefits and costs of downsizing an organization.5.List and explain the four stages of the growth of an organization.6.What is the definition of power?7.Describe the benefits of delegation.8.What is the significance of feedback?9.Describe the essential elements of the communication process model and explain how the process works.10.Why is management needed in all organizations?11.List and define the three basic resources of any organization.12.What role do ethics play in the decision process?13.Define Human Resources and their importance in the organization.14.Describe the four internal dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and some of the characteristics of the people who demonstrate each dimension.