Write up for Case Analysis #3 Creating a virtual internship at Goldman Sachs.

Write up for Case Analysis #3 Creating a virtual internship at Goldman Sachs.All cases should be a maximum of 300 words in length.The purposes of analyzing cases are to:1) develop ethical and realistic recommendations to address the issues highlighted in the case,2) utilize our theories and concepts to develop a clear argument and increase specificity, and3) practice writing CLEARLY, CONCISELY, AND COMPREHENSIVELY (The three “C’s”). Doing this will enable you to not just critically analyze material, but also communicate in an effective manner.Your case analysis should clearly state your recommended course of action. However, as we all have different viewpoints that may be dependent on our perspective, experiences, identity, etc. you will need to develop a clear argument that incorporates and correctly integrates our course material into your analysis. This will help to specify and strengthen your argument.You are welcome to develop your argument in any way you see fit, however, one way to approach your analysis is to clearly state:1) the issue you will address,2) the proposed recommendation(s), and3) potential implications of your recommendation.*Remember, theories explain why we would expect a particular behavior and/or outcome to occur and concepts provide specificity and clarity so that your reader knows exactly what you mean. Using theories and concepts also helps to showcase your ability to understand the case and apply various concepts where applicable. Providing a summary of the case or simply stating your recommendations without any substantial connection to our course content will be insufficient.