Writing Context: For this last essay project, you will need to have read and bec

Writing Context:For this last essay project, you will need to have read andbecome familiar with the main arguments from each chapter ofthe essay collection. And once you do, you will have noticedthat Chang’s essays cover a central theme of racism and how itlives in today’s American society.As stated in his introduction, Chang’s purpose for writing thisbook is about acknowledging that many racial inequalities andinequities exist, that they are bad for everyone, and that there areways for us to respond and undo them, no matter who we are.However, as he highlights, some of us have better vantage pointsthan others to see where these realities exist. And so, to help usSEE where racism is taking place, Chang uses each chapter toexplore how racism seeps into our everyday lives.Each chapter takes on a different aspect of the conversation:• Chapter 1 “Is Diversity for White People?” takes a look at“diversity” and Whiteness within this reality and powerdifferences between different groups of people• Chapter 2 “What a Time to be Alive” takes a look atstudent -led protests and the effect of hate speech andracism on college campuses• Chapter 3 «The Odds” explores how cultural equity is feltwithin the world of Hollywood and popular culture andother media• Chapter 4 «Vanilla Cities and Their Chocolate Suburbs”takes a look at housing and how race has affected theway we live across the American landscape• Chapter 5 “Hands Up” is a deep dive into Michael Brown’sshooung