Writing exam

Timed Writing Final Exam InstructionsThis timed writing is a required component of all English 101 classes; it is an objective listed on the official course outline of record, which allows you to earn credit for and transfer the course to other colleges.The prompt is based on the article, Rise of the racist robots–how AI is learning all our worst impulses”You have 90 minutes to complete your argument.Question:Write an essay that includes: 1) an introduction of 1-2 sentences, 2) a thesis that makes a debatable claim, 3) supporting body paragraphs with strong topic sentences and transitions, 4) support in the form of cited paraphrases and quotations from Robot-Proof, and 5) a 1-2 sentence conclusion.There is no formal minimum, but your essay should be well-developed and supported with two or more substantial body paragraphs.You will be responsible for correct in-text MLA parenthetical citation format, but you do not need to do a Works Cited page.Do not worry about any other format issues except, of course, paragraph indentations.  Do not submit just one big block of text without indentation of paragraphs. If you cannot find a way to indent your paragraphs, put an extra space between each one (the opposite of what we do in formal MLA format essays)Please note that Internet research is not allowed.Please review the information on plagiarism in the syllabus.Before submitting your essay, please copy and paste it into a document so that you can upload it to CANVAS, which will generate a turnitin.com originality report to prevent plagiarism. UNLESS YOU COMPLETE THIS FINAL STEP,YOUR TIMED WRITING WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR POINTS.