Writing Prompts Please respond to one of the following writing prompts: How far

Writing PromptsPlease respond to one of the following writing prompts:How far should parents go in restricting screen time for their kids? And has the recent public health crisis changed our attitudes about screens (i.e., doing things online rather than in person?) (Different age groups have different needs, so feel free to focus on a narrow age range of your choice.)Depending on state, country, etc., people worldwide are expected to reach a certain age before being allowed to drive. Should there be a mandatory stop-driving age as well?What additional, plausible steps can society take to improve the lives of people with disabilities? (You can focus on disabilities in general or on a specific one of your choice.)Should college athletes be paid?Does the state of the economy dictate the music that we listen to?What are the best forms of investment right now? Real estate, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, digital currency, something else…?To what extent does media (TV, film, video games, etc.) contribute to stereotypes about minorities?Many violent movies (and other media) are popular. Why is the dark hero, or sometimes even the villain, idolized?Examine the different factors that affect, disrupt, or deny upward social mobility. Or, examine the factors that facilitate it1) Read section 12.9 (“Argumentation”) in its entirety. This is a particularly long chapter, so please budget your time accordingly. You can find the direct link here: $WIKI_REFERENCE$/pages/ch-12-dot-9-argumentation2) Complete ONE of the writing exercises found under the heading “Writing Prompts” below these directions. No other writing topics are acceptable. Essays based on other topics will earn a grade of zero. This project requires you to write an MLA-style research paper, so if you need to review the rules regarding research, avoiding plagiarism, and formatting in MLA (not APA) style, review Part Five but feel free to skip the section on APA format. Please keep these requirements in mind:The essay should have at least 1000 words.The essay should have at least three credible sources (do not quote or paraphrase from Wikipedia or from other sources that lack sufficient credibility).Remember, research is required for this essay, and therefore, an essay without documented research will not earn credit.Because this is a research-based essay, a properly formatted “Works Cited” page is required. You do need to include all necessary information in the Works Cited page–a simple list of URLs (web addresses) is not acceptable. Again, please review Part Five in our textbook for guidance. The MLA section can be found here: $WIKI_REFERENCE$/pages/ch-24-mla-format