Writing the World Essay

Your own private world if you inhabit it long enough will become claustrophobic, not only for yourself but also for your readers. Creative nonfiction also allows you to direct your gaze outward, not leaving the self behind but perhaps sublimating the self to newly discover the subjects the world has to offer.” To that end, the next set of essays we read cover a few other genres of creative nonfiction essay writing: humor, portraiture, and criticism.For your own personal essay you may choose a topic of your liking but here are some ideas: Examine a sport in terms of the imagery of its body movements, dress, rituals, and rules. Though we’re not reading it together, Claudia Rankine’s piece The Meaning of Serena Williams” could serve as an example. (Can be found with a quick google.) Do any of these seem to defy our stereotypes of this sport? What social significance can you draw from what you see?How do you connect to this sport emotionally?2. Perhaps, as Coates does in I’m not Black, I’m Kanye,” consider writing a profile.3. You may also consider an essay that uses humor, as Sedaris does or one that tackles a political or social issue as Washuta does in I am Not Pocahontas”4. Consider the role cultural or literary criticism plays in our culture and society as a whole. In which ways does the criticism of popular culture teach us something about who we are, our values, desires, and fears?I’ll leave the page limit to you, but you should aim for at least 4 pages.