Written Assignment 2 Portfolio Writing a Congress Bill Proposal These steps we

Written Assignment 2 PortfolioWriting a Congress Bill ProposalThese steps were done to construct Paper 1Select an area of interest. The first step in writing your bill is to select a topic. Write a bill on an area of national politics that you know a little bit about. Like the U.S. Congress, the convention will deal with a broad spectrum of issues: foreign affairs, health and human services, finance, the environment, military affairs, business and commerce.Once you decide an area of interest, read newspaper and magazine articles to get a sense of the current issues being discussed. The Library of Congress offers a database of recently discussed Congressional bills on a website called “Thomas” which can be found at thomas.loc.gov/. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) provides members of Congress with nonpartisan research and analysis of issues. Although these reports are not directly available to the public, some members of Congress have provided access to some of these reports on their websites.Select a specific subject/ problem. The next step is to pick one problem or issue from your general area of interest on which to focus. For example, if you are interested in the war on drugs you may wish to write legislation on drug testing. Or, if you are interested in foreign affairs, you could write legislation to restrict U.S. intervention abroad.These steps will be taken to construct Paper 2Determining the type of Legislation. There are three types of legislation: A Bill, which establishes a new law; A Congressional Resolution, which expresses the sentiment of Congress; A Constitutional Amendment, which changes or adds to the U.S. Constitution.Instructions for Paper 2Paper I.After having selected and researched your bill, it’s time to determine whether you will be proposing an amendment to a current bill or law or proposing a totally new law.Once you have made that determination you will discuss the following:Paper II.The paper should include one of the two options belowBill AmendmentFind the current bill that needs to be changed.List and discuss why that bill does not currently address the needs of the people.How are your constituents being underserved by the inadequacy of the bill?Why is it so necessary that the bill be amended or changed?If there are a serious of bills, laws, constitution amendments to the constitution that do not adequately address the bill include them in your paper as well.New Bill to be put into LawDiscuss how there is not current legislation around the problem that you have selected.Discuss why it is necessary.Discuss how society or your constituencies would benefit from the bill and the areas of concern that the bill should address.The paper should be no less than 2 pages using APA 6th edition formatting.No peer reviewed reference required by can be used.