Written reflective essay (3 pages) Collecting your raw data Within your weekly C

Written reflective essay (3 pages)Collecting your raw dataWithin your weekly Canvas modules, starting in week “O”, you are asked to reflect (think) about your current understanding and also what you have learned. In most weeks this will happen twice:Once at the end of the module to capture your understanding directly after learning the new material, andAgain at the beginning of the next module, to capture any further thoughts that may have occurred to you due to your workshop, peer discussions or simply the passage of time.These reflections are not marked, but their timely completion does feed into your participation mark (Task 3a).Writing your reflective essayTowards the end of the semester you can start to look at constructing your reflective essay.Using your weekly reflections as raw data, think about how your understanding of marketing has evolved. Can you identify three illuminating moments that really advanced your understanding?Using these 3 moments to illustrate reflect on how your personal understanding of marketing has evolved over the semester. Describe the circumstances that triggered the insight and discuss exactly what it was that the moment illuminated about marketing that allowed you to see new, interesting and important ideas for marketers/yourself.You should copy and paste into an appendix the three illuminating moments from your reflection collection that most inspired you (AND provide the three screen shots of where they are placed in your MyMKTG5001 portal.Our last module and workshop will be solely focused on supporting you in achieving this. The workshop will be your opportunity to ask questions and clarify any concerns.