written report and manual. written report is 4 pages. manual will be 1. manual s

written report and manual. written report is 4 pages. manual will be 1.manual shall be on the app Minecraft and sample is includedinstructions for written report:Cover page with title of the report, the person for whom the report is produced,the authors’ names, and the date the report is submitted.OverviewThis section should:i. state the subject of the report.ii. state the purpose of the report (this should be very brief).iii. state the main point i.e. your recommendation.iv. state the importance of the subject (keep your primary reader in mind).v. provide background information on the subject.vi. outline how the report will be organized (state the criteria you used toassess the software or application.Analysis (Methodology)This section should describe step-by-step how you created the report, from initial brain-storming to final draft.Comparison & RecommendationsThis section should:i. compare the laptops in terms of 4 criteria. You will need one section for each point of comparison.ii. use graphs / tables / other data to support your points.iii. end each comparison with a conclusion (i.e. which piece of software / application is the best choice?)Conclusions and RecommendationsThis section should:i. repeat the key points (what did your report show?).ii. state your recommendations (2/3 steps that your reader should take).iii. repeat why you feel the research you have done is so important.iv. suggest any positive outcomes from following your recommendationsList of sourcesThis section should reference all sources used in your research. References must be in APA format.