Written reports must be grammatically correct based on standard English. The req

Written reports must be grammatically correct based on standard English. The required cover sheet must include: (1) The project title in all capital letters; (2) the course name (Product and Service Innovation) and number (MKT 3364 XTIA); (3) the term (T2 2021); (4) the instructor’s name (Dr. William T. Neese), and (5) the first and last names of the student who will get credit for that work. Do not number the cover page, but do number the rest of your paper beginning with the first page of text. A Table of Contents is not required but can be included at the student’s discretion. Headings, subheadings, tables, exhibits, and appendices must be included at appropriate places throughout the paper when necessary. Use 12-point font, but please avoid unusual, decorative, or odd font styles that are difficult to read. Inconsistencies in margins, fonts, line spacing, indent levels, etc. will be interpreted as a lack of required editing and will result in a grade penalty. In addition to the eight major sections listed below, your grade will be based on the quality of the writing and the quality of the graphics included in the report.References are mandatorybased on standard APA citation rules. Plagiarism will result in a grade penalty up to zero (0) for the project and possible academic discipline as described in The Oracle. According to the Random House Webster’s Dictionary (4th Edition, 2001), to plagiarize something is “to take and use (ideas, passages, etc.) from (another’s work), representing them as one’s own.” (p.548) Copying what somebody else wrote for your paper and changing a few words is plagiarism. It is serious, and many people have lost their jobs due to it. Plagiarism is a legal violation of another person’s copyright, which is the same as stealing or theft of intellectual property. This (in red) is the official course policy for plagiarism from our syllabus:  Any term paper, business plan, term project, case analysis, or assignment may have no more than a 3% similarity score of its content quoted from a single source, and that quotation must be done correctly based on APA guidelines. Cutting-and-pasting any amount of material from any source is evidence of plagiarism. Simply adding a source that has been plagiarized to the reference section does not mitigate the plagiarism. Students who need assistance learning to paraphrase should consult the Troy Writing Center. All assignments must be submitted through the appropriate link in Canvas so they can be assessed by Turnitin for plagiarism; that assessment is part of your grade.I cannot accept any assignment e-mailed to me or delivered in any other manner.Instructions. Each student is required to conceptualize, research, and explain either a product or a service innovation (or a combination). Your paper is required to be a business plana s discussed in our textbook on pages 57-62. All of the following sections are required as major sections (with their own heading and in this order) for your written report:(1) Executive summary(2) Business description(3) Market analysis(4) Organization and management(5) Sales strategies(6) Funding requirements(7) Financial projections(8) Risks and countermeasures