You are a newly minted BCBA who does independent contact work with a small handf

You are a newly minted BCBA who does independent contact work with a small handful of families. Recently, you received a subpoena from an attorney representing one of your client’s parents. You decide to call the attorney to inquire about the nature of the subpoena and learn that it’s related to divorce and a possible custody battle. You also learn that the primary caregiver is removing the client from the home and moving just outside of your treatment radius (you’ve limited your clientele to 45 miles from your home). You are able to locate a therapist that’s roughly an hour from their new house, but the caregiver wishes to stick with you. Your client, Cindy, is progressing well with her treatment. She just turned 5 years old but is functioning, generally, at a 30-36 month level. Language is emerging and consists primarily of 1 word approximations and some basic gestures (pointing, etc.). You have worked with Cindy for about 12 months and have seen tremendous growth. Cindy does not typically engage in problem behavior but has recently begun running out of the house without supervision, once making it to the street. On one hand, you want to continue working with the client and help them through the impending life transition. On the other hand, you are worried about providing services outside of your work radius and are concerned about maintaining your objectivity if you are asked to testify in court. **cite Section 3 of the Code (attached) What would you do? In other words, would you be able to reconcile the risk/benefits OR would you move to terminate/transition services? ** cite the Code to justify final answer!