You are an analyst working for an international organisation and a member of a t

You are an analyst working for an internationalorganisation and a member of a task team in the organisation that is focused onthe policy issue identified in your chosen case study. You are responsible fordrafting two sections of the policy brief that your team will send to policymakers in Dominican Republic,. The first section you areresponsible for should assess the policy solution proposed in the case study.The second section you are responsible for should outline recommendations topolicymakers in the relevant country. Remember to reference any sources youconsult including course material and external resources.Refer to thedetailed guide provided in the Unit 4 Notes for more guidance on structuringyour activity submission. Your answer should be appropriate for a non-technical audience of policymakers.Unlike in the Module 6 activity submission, your assignment should be in essayformat and should only include the content outlined in Sections 1 and 2 below. Section1 and Section 2 together may not exceed 2,000 words, excludingin-text citations and your list of references.Section 1Use the information provided in your selected case studyto assess the policy solution that the authors propose. You should outline the problem in a simple waythat is relevant to a non-technical audience of national policymakers. Youshould then provide a critique of the impact evaluation using concepts fromModules 4 to 6. Refer to Section 3.1 of the Module10 Unit 4 Notes and the rubric that follows these instructions for detailedguidance on formulating your response in this section. Ensure that you provide the following in your answer:· Briefly outline thepolicy background.· Critically assess theresearch problem, hypotheses, methodology, and results.Section 2In the second section that you are responsible for, youshould make a recommendation to policymakers in the Dominican Republic based onyour analysis in Section 1. You should clearly outline the course of actionthat you think the policymakers should follow in addressing the policy issue inthe future. This includes recommending whether the policy solution proposed inthe case study be maintained, terminated, or scaled up. Ensure that yourrecommendation clearly highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the course ofaction you recommend as well as any other political or institutional factorsthat the policymaker should consider.You shoulddemonstrate an understanding of theory from the course when analysing the caseand crafting your answer. Use Section 3.2 of theModule 10 Unit 4 Notes and the rubric that follows these instructions when formulating your answer. Ensure that you provide thefollowing in your answer:· Outline possiblepolicy solutions and discuss the benefits and challenges of each.· Draw on theory fromother modules to support your recommendations and policy problem sections.· Clearly highlight acourse of action to the policymaker.