You are to provide an annotated outline that: 1. Develop three broad categories

You are to provide an annotated outline that:1. Develop three broad categories e.g.: individual, group/team, and organizational/environmental).2. Develop seven core topics for each of the broad categories. and then provide at least two more core topics for each of them. There should be a minimum of seven core topics in each category or twenty-one in total. You may have more than seven topics for each category.3.Provides a minimum of three subtopics (an item one level below a core topic). You can arrange these subtopics all under one core topic, all within a broad category, or across your three broad categories. Which core topics you place them under does not matter as long as you have at least three of them in there.4. Integrate one annotated resource (key author—with a brief description or bullet points of important points that the author makes about the topic) for the new topics and your three subtopics. You may provide more than one resource per topic and subtopic, but you must have at least one resource each for your topics and subtopics.