You are to reflect on your coaching session you delivered (using the feedback re

You are to reflect on your coaching session you delivered (using the feedback received).You are to write a ( minimum  750-word/maximum 1000-word) self-reflection of your micro-coaching session answering the questions below:Were the practice aims and objectives achieved?Was the content appropriate to the needs of the participants?Were the resources adequate and appropriate?Were correct and sufficient coaching points provided?Were there suitable progressions and were they pitched at the right level?Did the coach observe, analyze and monitor performance effectively?Was feedback provided in a timely and effective fashion, to both the individual and group?Were the coaching style and communication appropriate?Was health and safety accounted for?What changes are required for the session?What changes are required for the next planned session?Here is the feedback from my teacher for the coach in the session:You were able to organize the session effectively the activities were set-up very well in relation to health and safety risks, space and equipment.Throughout the session, you gave excellent instructional communication, coaching points and feedback I loved the individual feedback you gave to each participant.The participants were engaged and implemented your communication effectively to participate very well throughout the session.You were able to progress the session and continually challenge the participant with different exercises through the progressive drills.You gave excellent demonstrations of basketball dribbling.You implemented different coaching styles in the session by allowing for decision making processes of your participants, but you also need to ask questions to check for their understanding.Overall, the time management of the session was excellent, and you managed to coach your session very well.Excellent micro-coaching session performed.In the session I only did the first two drills and a game of knockout.