You are to use the format of a photo essay to analyze the statement above. Rath

You are to use the format of a photo essay to analyze the statement above. Rather than using words to explain the sociological imagination, you will use photographs. Think about a sociological concept, perspective or theory you want to demonstrate through a photo essay. Pick ONE theme only. For example, if you want to look at poverty, you would show photos and explain how it connects to the concept (and if not obvious, sociology).Taking PhotographsThis project must include at least seven (7) original photographsand focus on American culture. You CANNOT download images or photographs from the internet nor can you use art/drawing/paintings, etc. (unless they are by you and portray the subject matter appropriately). You also cannot submit pictures of yourself (unless you are the subject matter and it is appropriate).Use these general guidelines:• Keep a camera handy at all times (you can use your phone).• Take many more pictures than you think you need.• Take notes while taking the pictures (you may forget this type of information later):o What motivated you to take the picture?o What were you thinking about when you took the picture?o How does the image illustrate the SI?• If you will be photographing people:o Be respectful and honest about what you are doing.o Honor their requests to stop if necessary.o Do not take pictures of a single person in public (group pictures are fine).You have full control with several important exceptions:• Do not engage in illegal behavior to obtain the photographs (i.e., harassment).• Do not submit photographs of illegal behavior.• Do not submit photographs of anyone under the age of 18without parental permission. (submit written permission with essay)If even one photo breaks any of the exceptions above, the entire project will receive zero credit.You cannot turn in the same photo as another student!!Doing so will result in zero credit for the entire project for both students.Compiling the EssayThis project should be stored in one Word file.The first page of the file will contain much of the text of the project. This page should include:• Your name.• Your project title (you can be creative).• An introductory paragraph (should fit on first page) about the project that provides background and context to the photographs. What guided your thinking around the theme of this essay (i.e., Illustrate the SI)? How did you approach the project? How did you decide what to (and to not) include? This introduction should prepare the audience (me) for the images that follow.The following pages should contain the photographs, one photograph per page. Place the photographs in a logical order that ‘reads’ like an essay and tells a story. Each should have the following:• A title for the photograph.• A brief (one paragraph max) caption that specifically explains the image and connects it back to the theme (i.e., Illustrate the SI).