You are to write a 1,400-word research paper (minimum) that adheres to the steps

You are to write a 1,400-word research paper (minimum) that adheres to the steps and guidance below.Select any topic from your bookYou are to develop a research question based on your topic.Your research question must be as clear as possible and must be stated in one short sentence. You must type your research question centered and bolded at the top of your paper before your opening paragraph.Use the Library’s online databases to find a minimum of 4 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles that provide information that you will use to write a detailed, developed, and sociological answer to your research question.You must use in-text citations in the APA style.The last page (this is not part of your word count) must be a work cited page in the APA style.The overall goal of this paper is for you to convince the reader that your sources provide a sociological answer to your research question.Some information on gradingConstantly remind the reader why/how the information from the scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles answers your research question. Feel free to write things such as: “this answers my research question because…” throughout the entire paper.Avoid: “…blah, blah, blah…boring summary of the material from your journal articles …blah, blah, blah…there are no statements here that answer my research question…”The following will lead to an automatic FWriting 800 or fewer words.Not including any in-text citations.Not including a reference page.