You can answer the questions in any order, and add anything else you feel helps

You can answer the questions in any order, and add anything else you feel helps improve your paper, but you must address all questions above, and Clapham (chapter 1-6) is mandatory.3 page min. Double spaced, 4 page max worth 25 pointsYou are continuing to write about the human right, article 22, specifically the right to medical attention, from the UDHR.For Writing Assignment # 3, answer the following questions (in an essay style APA format):Pick two countries one which has historically (or currently) violated the human right to medical attention, and another which has successfully protected, implemented, or fulfilled this right.Explain how and why one country “failed”, and how the other “succeeded” in fulfilling/protecting this human right either for its citizens or internationally.Make sure you do the following:1. Be specific about what country is the “good” example (protecting/properly fulfilling, fighting for, etc.) and whichcountry is the “bad” example (committing violations, not protecting, ignoring, etc.);2. Explain how you are defining/framing your argument. re: what is “good” and what is “bad”. Make sure you are clear on how you comparing the two countries;3. Make sure you are specific. re: whether/if you are focusing on how the country’s actions (or inaction) affect theirown citizens, the international community, or both;4. Specifically explain how and why is one country “better” (what are they doing? what law? practices? etc).The above points 1-4 do not have to answered in any type of order, I just need these main points addressed throughout your paper.This is a more research-based assignment, Everything APA style.**Do not repeat Papers 1 & 2. Do not re-introduce your right & do not give an introduction which repeats what alreadyhas been wroten re: your right.This is a compare & contract research paper based on either history or current events of two different countries. Just get right into the topic of the paper.Make your position very clear (without saying “I think”). Make sure that the specific topic to focus on is the right toproper medical attention according to the right.**Clapham has to be one of the sourses referenced & outside sources must be properly cited & listed in separate APA style reference sheet**Parts 1 &2 of the research paper is also attatched under for reference only. Make sure you are consistent with bothyour part 2 topic, and the sociological arguments you made.DO NOT WRITE IN FIRST PERSON NARRATIVE & do not write in terms of “my human right for this class is…”. Approachthis as a research paper where your point of view is expressed, but as sociological, scholarly, research. Outsidesources are allowed, but “Human Rights” by Andrew Clapham chapter 1-8 is mandatory. ALL SOURCES MUST BEPROPERLY REFERENCED in a separate APA style reference sheet & properly cited throughout the paper.