You  have  been  appointed  as  a  project  management  team  for  Kongsberg Mun

You  have  been  appointed  as  a  project  management  team  for  Kongsberg Municipality to suggest and plan for a project aiming to improve the city’s liveability and sustainability.The suggested project should be a small-sized project (up to $10 million or 100 million  NOK  in  total  cost)  which  is  to  be  completed  longest  by  a  year  of  its commencement. The project must have at least ten mainactivities.  a)Define  at  least  three potentia lprojects,  select  a  screening method,and choose the project you thinkwould be the best.  THE PROJECTS SHOULD BE BASED ON THE TOPICS POSTED BELOW   FIRST TOPIC IDEA  SECOND TOPIC IDEA