You have been assigned the task of coordinating the analysis of physical evidenc

You have been assigned the task of coordinating the analysis of physical evidence arising from the abduction of a young woman at gunpoint from her bedroom. Background information indicates that the offender wearing black leather gloves, a black jumper and a black balaclava gained entry to the young woman’s house by smashing a window. He then bound her with tape and forced her into the boot (trunk) of his red car. The victim was subsequently found unconscious at a remote outdoor location with a bloody head wound and a separate gunshot wound to the leg. Police investigators have a suspect who owns a red vehicle.Describe the sequence of examinations you would apply to two of the following items collected during the investigation of the case, including what other forensic departments you might consult with, how the evidence could be used to determine what happened in the incident, and what factors would be considered for your interpretation. Be as thorough as possible and assume that you have free access to any techniques, reference materials, and known materials from the scene or from the suspect that you desire. Note that no firearm has yet been located.(a) A tuft of black fibres found in the broken window glass.(b) Glass fragments caught in the soles of a pair of shoes found in the suspect’s possession.(c) A flake of red paint recovered from the victim’s clothing.(d) A pair of black leather gloves found in the glove compartment of the suspect’s vehicle.Comments from CustomerDiscipline: Forensic Science