You have been provided with a data set ‘Wall.xlsx’ (in canvas folder Homework 2)

You have been provided with a data set ‘Wall.xlsx’ (in canvas folder Homework 2) to analyze information on selected aspects of state educational performance outcomes, resource inputs, and population characteristics, in 2017. You will be preparing a short brief (up to one page in text) for a team of education officers at the US Department of Education to discuss where to invest more resources to improve average high-school graduation rates statewide.The brief will include some descriptive statistics (such as mean, median, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis) to describe each of the four variables provided. Further, please include plots (histograms, scatterplots) and correlations to show the relationship between the dependent variable, average high-school graduation rate statewide (HSGRADRT), and independent variables that include average teacher salary statewide (TCHRSAL), average number of students per teacher statewide (STRATIO) and average expenditure per pupil statewide (PPEXPEND).Based on correlation tests, you will choose one independent variable, that you think might affect the high-school graduation rates the most and to do a bivariate regression.Please make sure to interpret these statistics. For example, which independent variable has the largest correlation with high-school graduation rates. What does it mean to have the largest correlation, etc. Do not just say correlations are strong or negative. Explain what that means.