You have to prepare a multimedia presentation about Aspiration bank and its ethi

You have to prepare a multimedia presentation about Aspiration bank and its ethical practices. First you should present about what the company does and it’s history, second you should write about the incident that you believe makes the company ethical and analyze the inciden. Finally, for a good company, you should present on how the ethical practice, policy, or program(s) can be spread to other companies and/orindustries. Apply the ethical theories from the book to the incident. If you’re doing a paper on a company that has done something good, make sure you have evidence about what it has done, rather than just documenting the awards it has won.Here are some additional suggestions for your presentation:It should be 4-7 minutes long.It should feature text and images.It should include your references on the last slide..It should all be in your own words. Just like a paper, taking information from the web and presenting it without quotes or citations as your own words constitutes plagiarism and failure for the course.Don’t cram tons of text onto a slide; 3-4 bullet points is a good guide.Don’t use scary/flashy/annoying transitions between slides unless you really know what you’re doing.Textbooks:Title: Ethical Theory and BusinessISBN-13: 9781108422970Authors: Denis G. Arnold; Tom L. Beauchamp; Norman L.. BowieTitle: Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s RightISBN-13: 9780300181562Author: Mary C. Gentile