You must read the story once. Then you must read the story a second time thinkin

You must read the story once. Then you must read the story a second time thinking about what the characters, events, and places symbolize to you. There are no wrong answers as long as you genuinely apply symbolic thinking.You will write a paper with the following headings:Defining the ProblemCritical IssuesIdentification of Potential SolutionsEvaluation of Potential SolutionsSymbolic Analysis (Utilize your personal experiences, Ch 4 of the Williams text, and your values to identify what the following symbolized to you.)MichaThe Old ShepherdHerb manCarvingsJedCouncil of CellardoorTreelandoorRequired Analysis Steps & Grading Scheme:Defining the Problem (2.5 pts): Identify clearly and in detail, the actual root problem in the story. (1paragraph)Critical issues (2.5 pts): Identify the critical issues presented in the story, also include any relevant citations from the Williams text or outside sources that are necessary for an in-depth analysis of the story. (1-2 paragraphs)Identification of Potential Solutions (2.5 pts): Suggest multiple solutions, also include creative but feasible solutions, you can even combine multiple different options to create unique solutions. (1-2 paragraphs)Evaluation of Potential Solutions (2.5 pts): Evaluate each alternative solution by listing/discussing pros and cons of each potential solution; discuss whether they would work in this context, etc. (1-2 paragraphs)Symbolic Analysis (10 pts): You will analyze and complete one paragraph for each item listed under Symbolic Analysis heading. (7 paragraphs) Each paragraph will include 1, and 2 below and may include 3:What the item symbolized to you.Your opinion on how either you have personally experienced, or how you think this item can affect workplace ethics.A concept from Ch. 4 of the Williams text that supports your opinion (If you can, there will not always be a way to tie it back to the Williams text so, no pressure here).