You will address what the Constitution says about what level of government admi

You will addresswhat the Constitution says about what level of government administers elections and the laws thatgovern elections. Areas of research can include but are not limited to any of the following:Attempts at federal passage of voting laws (what are the provisions), possible Constitutionalchallenges that could arise with the passage of federal voting laws, and voter integrity laws such asthose brought forward in 2021 in Georgia and Texas (what are the key provisions and why are somevehemently opposed). A number of politicians opposed to the GA and TX voter integrity laws havedescribed those laws as “Jim Crow 2.0”. Is there validity to such a statement? You may also want tocompare voting laws and rules in predominantly controlled Democratic Party states with those lawsbeing advocated in GA and TX. Finally, if desired, you may look into possible voting irregularitiesand what states have found (if anything happens in the next couple of months i.e. results ofMaricopa County, AZ or any other state that may conduct a voting audit in the months precedingthe due date for this paper).