you will analyze Emerging Pharmaceuticals in order to evaluate and revise the co

you will analyze EmergingPharmaceuticals in order to evaluate and revise the company’s current totalrewards system. You will utilize information presented in the case study tocompare and contrast the organization’s total reward system with externalbenchmarking data. You will also analyze the data for gaps and make revisionsto the existing compensation and benefits package. The information you areprovided with will be based on a specific aspect of a benefits and compensationpackage (retirement benefits, medical benefits, and so on). You must alsocreate a presentation to stakeholders that explains the proposed changes, yourrationale behind the changes, and the implications of the changes for theorganization.prepare a draft of Parts of yourtotal rewards analysis . The submission will have the major heading “TotalRewards Analysis: Parts D–F.” Begin by analyzing qualitative and quantitativedata for the current system (as identified in the case study and the providedsupplements) that will inform your future recommendations and revisions. Onceyour analysis has been completed, compare and contrast the providedquantitative data regarding the current benefits and compensation system withexternal benchmarking data from Medtronic, an organization within the sameindustry. Then draft Parts D–F of your analysis. Thoroughly cover each of thecritical elements, and include your answers to the guiding questions.Specifically,the following critical elements must be addressed:I.Total Rewards Analysis: For this part of the assessment, you will analyze givenaspects of a total rewards package from the provided case study. You willanalyze qualitative and quantitative data regarding the current system anddetermine gaps in that system that will inform your future recommendations andrevisions.D.Determine areas of misalignment, differences, and gaps present in the currentbenefits and compensation system, based on the external benchmarking data. Whatare the key areas of the current system that are misaligned with thecompetition?E.Based on the strengths and weaknesses of each plan, determine EmergingPharmaceuticals rewards components that should be increased, reduced, or staythe same, and provide your rationale.F.Compare qualitative input data and quantitative analysis with theorganization’s employee demographic data to determine the degree of theexisting population that will be affected by the proposed changes. In otherwords, what is the overall impact of each proposed change?