You will evaluate the application, interpretations, and presentation of statisti

You will evaluate the application, interpretations, and presentation of statistics in formal and informal research studies.Begin by locating three research studies to analyze for your Final Paper, based on the three statistical techniques below:At least one study should display data through graphs, tables, and/or charts.At least one study should describe the hypothesis testing procedure that was used (either explicitly /specifically, or implicitly/generally).At least one study should use inferential statistical analysis tests or correlation/regression approaches.Once you have selected your three research studies, develop a paper using the format below as a guide.Final paper structureOpening: Explain the importance of statistics, and describe 3 statistical tools which the paper will examine as representative of statistics in research.Literature Review: For each of the three studies presented, describe the research question(s) being asked. Explain how the illustrated statistical procedure helped to answer each research question.Statistical Discussion: Generalizing from the sample studies and 3 references, describe the use of statistics in research. Explain the use, strengths, and weaknesses of each of the main elements: descriptive, visual, hypothesis testing, inferential outcomes.Conclusion: Summarize the general use of statistical tools in quantitative research studies. Explain the value of statistics in business research situations.