You will identify an organization of interest andY evaluate its corporate commu

You will identify an organization of interest andY evaluate itscorporate communications (from its web page, its social mediacommunications, media interviews, and other communications).Specifically, you’ll evaluate the organization’s desired reputationand how its corporate communications impact its reputation. You shouldconclude with several strategies you think will improve theorganization’s reputation.You are free to define the scope of your evaluation. The scope mightbe narrowed by such factors as geography, time, initiative, campaign,issue, or other situational factors.I recommend you narrow your topic and make it manageable. Forexample, let’s say you’re interested in the Red Cross. You might want toexplore how it projected and leveraged its reputation to achieve itsgoals during the COVID-19 pandemic. You could narrow this project byfocusing on a geographic region (e.g., United States), a time period(e.g., March 2020), a platform (e.g., Facebook), and an effort orinitiative (e.g., educating the public about avoiding coronavirus,donating blood, or raising money). Focusing your topic in this way willmake your project more efficient and more meaningful.Your written report should include an executive summary, amain section, and an optional appendix. The main section should beroughly four to five single-spaced pages of text. The writing styleshould be easy to read. You should feel free to add images (e.g.,screenshots) and other visuals that make your report easy to understand.Rubric (points)Problem Well Articulated, Specific, Relevant (40)Methodology Clearly Stated and Sufficient (40)Analysis Clear, Justified, Compelling (60)Recommendations Specific, Detailed (with Timeline), Achievable, Connected to Analysis (60)Overall Quality of Report Writing (60)Total (300)I would like to stay narrow the organization to high tech company.