You will need to TAKE 2 PHOTOS WITH YOUR CELL PHONE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS JUST LIKE IT ASKS.Photographs and their arrangement can be objective or subjective. *Make two photographs (you can use your cell phone) that show your point of view (subjective) on the current economy. Think about the choices a photographer makes as discussed in the Photography Vocabulary Reading while making the photographs. I suggest shooting many photographs and selecting the “best” two. Choose five photographs from the entire FSA Collection (the photographs that were intended to be objective documents) that either back up what you have shown or contrast what you have shown. By selecting certain photographs you might be giving them additional or other meanings.*This means actually capture them for this assignment specifically. Do not submit any photos that you did not create. Do not submit photos that you created previously and then attempt to apply them to this use. People have failed this assignment in the past for those reasons.There are thousands of photographs in the collection. It may be helpful to use the subject guide: (Links to an external site.)or geographic guide: (Links to an external site.).If you using the Word document, you should follow the MLA general formatting guidelines found here: to an external site.)In a Word Document, Powerpoint, or PDF, first present your two photographs that represent your perspective on the current economy. For each image, provide a brief (1 to 3 sentences) explanation of how you think the image represents the current economy. Then present your five chosen images from the FSA Collection. For each of the five images, provide a brief (1 to 3 sentences) explanation of whether the image supports or contradicts one or both of your images.I highly recommend visiting the free (Online Writing Lab (OWL (Links to an external site.))at King University. It is a great free resource for writing and getting feedback on your essays. Please read the guidelines for how to submit your paper and to make sure you give them enough time to turn your assignments around.