You will watch the film “Woman in Gold ” and read multiple articles (assigned th

You will watch the film “Woman in Gold ” and read multiple articles (assigned through Canvas) relating to the subject (mandatory to use the film and some of the posted links, at your discretion). Under Week 10 and 11 in Canvas, you will find useful resources to complete your paper. You will also find a passage from Anne Marie-O’Connor’s book, “Lady in Gold,” which inspired the film (optional to use) under Week 10 in Canvas.After you view and synthesize the material, you will answer the following question in a paper that is at least 3 pages but not to exceed 4 pages double-spaced (Times New Roman font with normal MLA or APA margins):What is the value of art restitution reporting in journalism and what makes the case involving Maria Altmann compelling from the vantage point of a journalist?You may want to reference concepts such as the public’s right to know, specialized reporting, human interest stories, and more. In particular, the role played by Hubertus Czernin, an Austrian journalist, is very relevant. If you cite outside sources, it is imperative that you make it clear where you got your information. I suggest you use MLA or APA. I don’t care which you use, but make sure you are citing properly and consistently throughout (don’t cite half MLA and half APA).Please avoid stating your opinion or using phrasing such as “unfortunate,” “terrible,” “awful.” Show, don’t tell.